ElioT is an independent technology radar helping organisations from all levels in realising their Internet of Things challenges. They were in need of a clear and user friendly website that could help them inform their partners. Sapphire Media helped them to create a responsive bilingual website that functioned as a high end business card for their potential partners.

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Is your company ready to embrace IoT opportunities?

The Internet of Things and big data are rapidly changing today’s business landscape. Elliots IoT consultancy can help you anticipate this trend and shape the future of your company. Elliots consultants will gladly discuss the long- and short-term opportunities IoT holds for your company. Together you can build a business case and outline the opportunities within IoT.

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The implementation and management of hundreds or even thousands of connected devices in an organisation is not a simple task. IoT faces many challenges, amongst which the selection of hardware in a market that is not fully matured, finding and negotiating about the best connectivity, daily device management, security of the entire IoT solution, coverage, and worldwide roll-out.

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